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Kawaguchi Lake & Mt.Fuji

Fall & Winter Series – A Deeper Look at YAMANASHI(Vol.21)




7:15am arrive at Narita Airport. Have simple breakfast and start one-day Tokyo city tour. The first stop is Asakusa. You can visit Asakusa Kannon Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street. There are many souvenir shops, Japanese snack stands, and some craft stores along with the shopping street. From this street, you can see Tokyo Sky Tree, too, which is the tallest tower in Japan. Later have lunch in “Foot Town” of Tokyo Tower. You can have a photo in front of Tokyo Tower. Then move to Imperial Palace. It’s Japanese emperor’s residence and the surrounding huge greens and parks are very relaxing. Many marathons have set Imperial Palace as one of the running stations. After visiting Imperial Palace, you will go to Akihabara. Akiharaba is famous for electronic products. Here you can find the most bargained and reasonable priced electronic products. There are also many comic book stores, magazine stores and maid cafes. It’s an integration of Japanese animation culture. Finally move to Ginza shopping area. There are many department stores and shopping stores in Ginza and it’s deemed as a classy area selling pricy products. Usually it has an image of high rank or high class. Have dinner and check in hotel.

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You will move from center Tokyo to Mt. Fuji. You won’t go to the top but will stay at the 5th station to overlook the view. There are many stores at 5th station for you to have a short shopping. Then transfer to Hakone to take the cruise. The cruising is about 10 min which goes on Hakone Lake and you can see Mt. Fuji if the weather is clear and nice. Have lunch in Gotemba outlet and you will go shopping in Gotemba. It has more than 200 stores and you will definitely like it. After shopping, take a rest and check in a hot spring hotel in Kawaguchi Lake. Have dinner in hotel.

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Yamanashi grape picking

After have breakfast in hotel, you will go to an orchid to pick up grape fruits or peach depending on the seasons. Yamanashi Prefecture has been well known as a fruit planting place with its nature gifted nice environment. You can experience fruit picking and eat all the fruits you pick in a limited time. After it, you will visit a winery named “ZAZE” (Means the wind). With production of abundant grapes, especially in Katsunuma area, there are many breweries. They make delicious fine wines by the local grapes. In “ZAZE” winery, you can drink wines, see the process how the wines have been made, and will have a lunch set in this winery. After lunch, you will visit “SHINGENMOCHI” Factory. “SHINGENMOCHI” is a cake with bean powder and black suger famous in Yamanashi. You can take a look how these cakes have been made up, packed in a delicate package to send as a souvenir. Also you can buy some for your friends as it represents for Yamanashi. After cake factory visit, you will visit another brewery named “Lumiere”. Established in 1885, Lumiere is a family-owned winery continuously operating for 130 years. Since 1967, their wines have won medals in European top competitions. You can compare if the taste is different from the ones in “KAZE” brewery. It also has a restaurant to dine inside. The restaurant is named “Zelkova”, offering selected food which uses farm-fresh and locally grown ingredients. All the cuisine menus are prix-fixed and change monthly. After dinner, check-in hotel.

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After having breakfast, head to Syosenkyo Vally. There are many natural carved rocks and waterfalls. It’s a good place to see red leaves in Autumn. After a nature walk, move to a restaurant to have noodle hot pot (HOUTOU). HOUTOU is another local specialty in Yamanashi. It looks like soup noodle cooked with many ingredients. The noodles are usually thick and flat. In this restaurant, you can make your own HOUTOU and eat your homemade lunch. After lunch, head to Kiyosato in Nagano Prefecture. Kiyosato is a terrace surrounded by mountains. You will visit Moeginomura in the afternoon. There are many craft shops, souvenir shops, cafés, eateries and museums. You can’t miss the merry-go-around in the mid of the forest. Stay overnight in Kiyosato.

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Stay in Kiyosato Kogen Hotel or similar



Enjoy a relaxing whole day in Kiyosato. You will firstly go to Yatsugatake Farm to see many animals, experience farm life and join in some events. Then late in the afternoon, move to Suntory Hakusyu Distillery to have a brewery visit. Finally stay in a hot spring hotel. Have dinner in the hotel and enjoy Japanese style hot spring.

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Today you will enjoy the winter white season plan in Sun Meadows. There are some winter activities offered to both children and adults. After a half day in Sun Meadows, head to Yokohama in the afternoon. Yokohama is at seaside and it has Yokohama harbor around. You can feel the exotic atmosphere in Yokohama since there are many Chinese people living here, and it used to be a military base for Americans. Go to China Town for dinner. After dinner, stay in a hotel in Narita.

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HOTEL→NRT Dep. (B/-/-)

After breakfast in hotel, head to airport. Finish this 7 day fruitful tour.
10:30am depart from NRT A/P.
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