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Tokyo & Fukushima 5Days (GS-TYO5D0215)


*Experience Lively Tokyo City & Peaceful Fukushima Countryside*



NRT /HND A/P –> Ginza →Tukiji –> Hotel (-/-/D)

  • Arrival at Narita/Haneda Airport
  • Ginza shopping street
  • Dinner at Tsukichi (seafood)

If arriving at Narita airport, stay in Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu or similar
If arriving at Haneda airport, stay in Shinjuku Washington Hotel or similar


Hotel –> Mitaka –> Kichijoji –> Asakusa –> Hotel (B/L/D)

  • Breakfast in Hotel
  • Mitaka Ghibli Museum
    This museum displays the famous Japanese animation writer “Miyazaki Hayao”’s work. The museum combines features of a children’s museum, technology museum, and a fine arts museum, and is dedicated to the art and technique of animation.
  • Kichijoji for shopping
  • Lunch
  • Asakusa & Sky Tree
    Visit SENSOJI Temple and go shopping through NAKAMISE Street. You can also see the tower of SKY TREE clearly from the street.
  • Dinner & Shinjuku shopping or back to hotel

Stay in Shinjuku Washington Hotel or similar


Tokyo –> Fukushima Aizuwakamatu –> Inawashiro –> Shimogo –> Hotel (B/L/D)

  • Breakfast in Hotel
  • Depart to Fukushima
  • Turugajo castle
    Visit the greatest castle in East Japan. 36 meters tall.
  • Lunch
  • Nanoka town walk & shopping
    This old town is worth for a walk around. You will find many traditional grocery shops, craft shops which filled with Japanese tastes! The station of Nanoka is still running nowadays!
  • Dr. Noguchihideyo Museum
    Let’s find more about this Japanese doctor who has a great contribution to medical world. His portrait is also printed on 1000 yen bill.
  • Inawashiro Lake
  • Yunokami hot spring & hotel check-in

Stay in Aizu Yunokami Hot Spring Shimizuya Ryokan or similar


Hotel –> Shimogo –> Tokyo Akihabara –> Hotel (B/L/D)

  • Breakfast in Hotel.
  • Ouchijuku
    Ouchijuku is a small village nestled among lofty mountains that once flourished as post town in the Edo period. You can see the old style Edo period houses set all the line up. A good place to find something traditional and old memory of Japan!
  • Kaneko Farm (DIY butter making experience)
  • Shiragawa Soba for lunch
  • Tower shaped rocks
  • Back to Tokyo
  • Akihabara shopping street famous for electric appliances

Stay in Shinjuku Washington Hotel or similar


Hotel –> Free Day Shopping –> NRT/HND AIRPORT (B/-/-)

  • Breakfast in Hotel
  • Free shopping & pass by Tokyo Tower (on chartered bus)
  • Depart from Narita /Haneda Airport

《End of the Tour》

travel map tokyo&fukushima 5days


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  2. Hokkaido ToyaNationalPark
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  4. Hokkaido ToyaNationalPark
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  1. Asakusa Tokyo
  2. Asakusa Temple
  3. Ginza Tokyo
  4. SkyTree